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The advocacy and activism that the Police Association of NSW (PANSW) can undertake – to achieve ‘wins’ for the membership – is dependent on the collective strength of our Branches, reinforced by Branch forums and focus training, and the depth and breadth of our wider support networks.

Our advocacy work flows from the vision that PANSW members, officials and staff work together towards ensuring police officers and their families have healthy, happy lives, with financial security.

Our advocacy priorities will typically focus on issues that relate to ensuring Members are:

  • Able to carry out their duties while maintaining their physical and mental safety, health and wellbeing
  • Afforded procedural fairness in disciplinary and oversight systems
  • Treated fairly and with respect in the workplace and in the wider public sphere

Through our organising approach we are able to mobilise our Members to directly lobby politicians and campaign for industrial entitlements, legislative changes and raise any issues that directly affect the lives of police officers in NSW. That activity includes:

  • Advocacy campaigns such as the successful Back The Blue campaign for increased staffing
  • Making Parliamentary submissions and appearances at hearings on important issues such as Mandatory Disease Testing
  • Ongoing representation in decision-making processes within the NSWPF, including upgrades to uniforms, equipment, vehicles and property
  • Active input to and feedback on operational processes, as occurred regularly during Covid-19 deployments in 2020-2021

Recent Advocacy