The past 2 years have seen extraordinary pressure on Award negotiations, including for police officers and other emergency service personnel. The NSW Government attempted to impose a wage freeze in 2020, and a reduced wages cap in 2021, but the PANSW fought that every step of the way.

Through PANSW members, elected officials, and staff working together, the PANSW was able to achieve Award outcomes of 1.75% in 2020, and in 2021 secured 3 years of 2.5%, and at the same time protecting the Death and Disability Scheme,  Concessional contributions cap reimbursement, Aware Superannuation Default Insurance premium (Death/TPD), and the Police Exemption to Workers Compensation cuts.

This is considerably more than the NSW Government attempted to impose through a wage freeze and reduced wage cap, and far greater than many comparable frontline workers were able to achieve in other professions or industries.

This achievement was only possible due to the high level of Industrial and Legal expertise, community influence, and member activism that the PANSW is built on.

To find out what the Award mean for your income, click here [/resources/salary-calculator/] to use the PANSW Salary Calculator.

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