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COVID Vaccine Breach of Probationary Contract Breach Safe Driver Policy Exceed Speed Limit Fraud Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm Assault Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm AVO Common Assault Drugs Embezzlement Firearms Offence Fraud Give False Evidence Indecent/Sexual Assault Intentionally Distribute Intimate Image w/o Consent Larceny Manslaughter Misconduct In Public Office Neglect Of Duty Offensive Behaviour Do act etc. intending to pervert the course of justice Possess Child Abuse Material Stalk or Intimidate intending to cause fear of physical or mental harm COVID-19 Housing Medals/Awards Membership Recruitment Sponsorship Staffing Orders Superannuation Vehicles Uniform and Equipment Welfare DNA WHS Absent From Duty Academic – Failure Academic Misconduct Arms/Appointments Audio/Video Recording Without Consent Bullying Conceal/Suppress Evidence Customer Service Disobey Reasonable Direction Drive NSWPF Vehicle In Unsafe Manner Driving Under Influence Of Alcohol Drugs Duty Of Care Enter Premises Without Consent Fail To Identify Conflict Of Interest Failure To Attend Court Failure To Comply With Directions Failure To Comply With Interim Risk Management Plan Failure To Create Records Failure To Declare Conflict Of Interest Failure To Report A Declarable Association Failure To Report Information Failure To Report Misconduct Falsify Official Records Forgery Improper Disposal Of Exhibits Improper Interference With Investigation Improper Use Of Email And Internet Improper/Unsafe Storage Of Firearm Inadequate Brief Preparation Inadequate Investigation Larceny Make False Accusations Misuse Of Authority/Position Misuse Of Sick Leave Neglect Of Duty Person In Custody Related Personal Use Of Social Media Pervert The Course Of Justice Process – Failure To Investigate Resist Arrest Sexual Harassment Unauthorised Cops Access Unauthorised Disclosure Of Information Unauthorised Disposal Of Records Unauthorised Secondary Employment Unreasonable Use Of Force Unreasonable/Unprofessional Behaviour Unsafe Driving Untruthfulness Exceed Speed Limit Infringement Notice Negligent Driving Negligent Driving GBH Reckless Driving Parking Offence Dangerous Driving Failure to Create Accurate COPS Record Failure to Register Source Request to Participate in an Interview Notice of Revocation – Firearms Licence Request to Participate in an Interview Allowances Leave Commissioned Complaints Critical Incident Education Employment Grievances Injured Org Changes Organising Promotion Rosters Salaries Separation Transfers Travel Access/modify restricted data held in computer Possess loaded firearm endanger life non-public place Police officer neglect/refuse/not carry out any lawful order Fabricate false evidence with intent to mislead judicial tribunal Remain on inclosed lands Attempt to pervert the course of justice Assault occasioning actual bodily harm while in company Possess or use a prohibited weapon without permit Intentionally etc publish or communicate protected information Intentionally record intimate image without consent etc Failure to comply with Policies/Procedure Failure to attend work Breach of Public Health (Covid-19 Self-Isolation) Order 2022 Holder of Public Office Misconduct Him or Herself Publish etc False Misleading Material to Obtain Property Knowingly Possess Identification Plate not on Correct Vehicle Sexual Offences – Obscene Exposure Drive Vehicle Under Influence of Alcohol Drive with High Range PCA Tamper with evidence with intent to mislead judicial tribunal Intentionally or recklessly destroy/damage property Secondary Employment Giving Evidence in Court Stalking or Intimidation Body-Worn Video Standard Operating Procedures Special Inquiry Notice of Suspension - Firearms Licence Drive while Licence Suspended Dishonestly obtain financial advantage or cause disadvantage by deception Falsely represent to police act or event calling for investigation Computer Security Procedures Improper Procurement of Information Assault Indictable Offence Provisional Notice of Management Action (FSP) Deal with Proceeds of Crime Steal Property as Clerk/Servant Sexual Intercourse without Consent Sexual Touch another Person without Consent Alcohol – On Duty Breach of Code of Conduct & Ethics Child Abuse/Pornography Material Defamation Optional Disengagement Bullying (old) Behaviour which Creates a Sexually Permeate/Hostile Working Environment Breach of NSW Police Force Dress Policy Failure to Identify as a Police Officer when exercising Police Powers/Functions Failure to Quit Licensed Venue Harassment Make False Declaration Non-Criminal Interview Notice of Suspension – Firearms Licence Refusal/failure to Submit to Test, Analysis or Assessment Royal Commission Section 54 Notice issued by LECC Sexual Touching Special Commission of Inquiry Threats of Violence (Off-duty) Unauthorised Use/Misuse of Official Vehicle Unauthorised/inappropriate Disposal/handling of Official Records Upper House Inquiry Workplace Health & Safety Breach of Domestic & Family Violence SOPs Breach of Domestic & Family Violence Policy Breach of Code of Practice for the NSWPF Response to Domestic & Family Violence Failure to Attend to CAD Jobs Timeliness of Police Response Holder of Public Office Misconduct Him or Herself Publish etc False Misleading Material to Obtain Property Knowingly Possess Identification Plate not on Correct Vehicle Murder Legal Matters Industrial Issues New March 01 17