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The Police Association of New South Wales (PANSW) celebrated its centenary on 8 September 2020.

In the early 1900s, police officers were expected to work unlimited hours, seven days a week, with no overtime or allowances. It took over 15 years before the NSW Government allowed the Police Association to be formed in 1920.

The Association’s history has been well documented by the publication of two books:

  • Serving the Force – 75 years of the Police Association of New South Wales 1921-1996 (Focus Publishing, 1996)
  • Unity and Strength – The Centenary history of the Police Association of NSW (Stoke Hill Press, 2021)

In our Centenary year a documentary video surveying our first 100 years was produced and narrated by well-known journalist Simon Bouda in collaboration with colleague Kym McEwen. A set of banners highlighting milestone achievements between 1920-2020 was also commissioned.

Life Membership is awarded to current or former members of the Police Association who have demonstrated extraordinary and distinguished service to the Association and its members. PANSW Life Members are honoured on the Life Members Roll.

Throughout our history the PANSW’s flagship journal Police News has faithfully provided a record of the lives, times and activities of the Association and of different aspects of policing in New South Wales.

This magazine – rebranded as the bimonthly PANSW Police News in 2021 – continues to document the highlights of our history in articles that are regularly featured on this website.