The Police Association of NSW has welcomed the announcement of a Parliamentary Inquiry into crime, policing and law enforcement in rural and regional New South Wales.

With youth crime rates pushing to new highs in the bush, the Police Association has lobbied the NSW Government for a whole-of-government approach. This inquiry into reoffending causes and increasing multi-agency investments, including diversionary funding, shows not only leadership but also the Premier’s willingness to back up his words with action.

PANSW President Kevin Morton praised the NSW Government for bringing the issue to the forefront with an all-agency approach.  

“In regional areas, our cops are managing an increasing workload with an increased work intensity. We welcome a mature approach taken by the Premier to find long-lasting solutions while giving police interim measures while the inquiry takes place.”

“Introducing trial bail conditions for reoffenders committing serious crimes while out on bail and a new offence for boasting about their offences on social media is a great first step, but a whole of government inquiry is welcome.”  

Assessing the workload being picked up from other agencies by police officers was also welcomed. 

“Attending mental health callouts and driving hundreds of kilometres out of towns while doing work for other agencies is not our job. It’s taking our overworked police officers away from their core duties.”  

To attract new recruits and retain existing experienced officers, enhanced pay and conditions are required. 

“This Government is showing it is committed to change through action. To attract more officers to regional areas, they need a significant pay rise and additional conditions to support recruitment and retention.”

Media contact: 
Elyssa King
PANSW Media & Communications Officer
0484 777 780