The PANSW is fighting for a pay rise of at least 25% over 4 years. We will not settle for anything less because that is what you deserve. The Commissioner understands this. We demand nothing less than the same respect shown to teachers and paramedics. This also underpins what is necessary to retain experienced police officers. 

In addition, our claim seeks to amend incremental pay scales so they must provide for: 

  • an annual pay rise to every police officer at every level 
  • Senior Constables reaching the top salary in 10 years at LSC salary, Sergeants topping out at 5 years
  • Remove overlapping pay scales, a promotion deserves a pay rise 

We are claiming that our qualified trainers of our probationers should be financially recognised.  

Your PBRI entitlements must be maintained as committed to by Premier Minns to ensure injured officers have the necessary safety net. 

The Police Association has been negotiating this claim for 4 months, with good progress being made.

Yesterday, the Commissioner of Police put those negotiations in jeopardy, inviting submissions that would be used to undermine your current entitlements. It is disappointing and has put the notion of mutual gains bargaining as legislated by the new Government on hold.  

We have made it clear to the Commissioner of Police, the PANSW is your representative at the Award bargaining table and we will continue to prosecute the democratically developed log of claims until we believe it is worth putting to a vote of the membership. 

We are now left with no alternative but to negotiate directly with the Commissioner and the Minister to ensure a fair and respectful outcome for the members. 

A summary of the 2024 Award Log of Claims is attached for your information.

This was developed by your elected PANSW Conference Delegates and endorsed by the Executive. The PANSW has not released this to date as confidential without prejudice negotiations were being undertaken. That ended today. 

The PANSW will continue to prosecute the log of claims and keep members informed. 

Read the summary of the 2024 Award Log of Claims

Kevin Morton

President - Police Association of NSW