Promotions System Changes 2024

The PANSW received several motions from Branches relating to elements of the Promotions System. As part of the PANSW role on the Promotions Review Steering Committee, it is our role to advocate, discuss and consider possible amendments required to improve the process for promotion.

Those motions related to the TOKA process of being excluded following two failures as well as improving feedback from TOKA questions. Overwhelmingly applicants and selection panel members have indicated that the cycle of advertisements and applications is too onerous and is simply a repeated process each round, wearing officers out in the process.

The Promotions Review Steering Committee has made the following amendments to the Promotions System for 2024.

From 2024, there will be a re-alignment of the Mobility/Promotions/TOKA Schedules. This re-alignment will result in the following:

1. The promotions advertising cycle for vacant Sergeant and Inspector positions will change from every 5 weeks to every 13 weeks, commencing on 2 February 2024. Eligible officers will still have up to two years to apply for vacant positions. Please refer to the Police Promotions intranet site for relevant dates in the new 2024 Promotions Schedule.

2. Vacant positions advertised in SAP Fiori will be open for two weeks, instead of one week, to allow applicants more time to customise their application/s and take onboard the feedback of previous selection panels. The system will also be modified to allow applicants to upload a customised and unique cover letter for each position applied for in each round.

3. There will be up to two mobility rounds within the new 13-week cycle meaning that the number of rounds will be streamlined from ten per year to seven per year to better feed into the new 2024 Promotions Schedule. This will also allow greater opportunity for newly arising vacancies to be filled within the 13-week advertising cycle by offering the next position to the officer deemed next most suitable by the same selection panel. Please refer to the Transfers, Mobility & Secondments intranet site for relevant dates in the new 2024 Mobility Schedule.

4. The TOKAs will be offered in February, June, and September with candidates allowed unlimited attempts with no exclusion period applied because of failed attempts. The pass mark of 80% will remain in both Part A & B. This will commence on 27 & 28 February 2024 and the TOKA dates will always be scheduled away from popular leave periods such as School Holidays. Please refer to the Promotions Unit intranet site for the new 2024 TOKA Schedule.

5. Transitional arrangements will be made to ensure that officers presently in the promotions pool will have the same opportunity as present to re-qualify at TOKA before the expiry of their current two years tenure. Further direct advice will be provided to affected officers in this regard.

Please note, these changes do not affect the current processes for promotion to the grade of Senior Constable or Senior Sergeant, or promotion to the rank of Superintendent.