President's Message: Update on staffing orders for planned protests

We understand that several staffing orders for Sydney rallies will require staff from across all areas of the NSWPF. We know from our members that workload and work intensity and its impact on rosters with staff shortages is already placing pressure on you all, with this additional operational requirement adding to this.  

The PANSW is in current consultation with the Federal Government seeking Federal funding and a commitment to enable these shifts and operational requirements to be met by a User Pays agreement or cancelled rest days.

Read the submission here

We submit that these foreign affairs issues are no different to the policing operations that were conducted after the September 11 attacks and that this places pressure on policing operations across the country as a whole. This is pending and we will update the membership on further information as it arises.  

Officers should note that for hours performed in excess of the normal approved roster (in accordance with the approved flexible roster), overtime is payable for the excess hours and the remaining rostered shifts on the roster should not be altered. 

If you require advice on rostering and staffing during this time, please contact the IOC on 02) 9265 6777 or email