Police Officers to take industrial action over Federal Government's failure to fix police superannuation problem

The Police Association of NSW will direct its members to take industrial action if the Federal Government does not resolve the Concessional Cap problem by 30 June 2023.

Police officers are currently punished by a bureaucratic mess that counts mandatory death and disability insurance as superannuation contributions.

Under the industrial action, from 30 June, NSW police officers will cease any cooperation with Commonwealth Agencies or Departments unless the matter creates a risk to a person's life or physical/psychological welfare.

The PANSW Executive designed industrial action that will not create any inconvenience or risk to the public. They will refuse to do the work of Commonwealth agencies while the Federal Government continues to let officers down.

"This fight is with the Federal Government and Stephen Jones, not the people of NSW. Police officers in NSW have a great relationship with the communities they serve, and we will not impact that relationship in any way," PANSW Secretary Pat Gooley said.

"This is a message to the Federal Government – police officers do a valuable and dangerous job, and your refusal to protect our future is a slap in the face to every man and woman in blue."

Because policing is so dangerous, police officers in NSW are covered by a mandatory Death and Disability insurance policy. That insurance premium is washed through the officers' superannuation account but then taken straight out and paid to the insurance company – the officer does not see a cent; this is simply an arrangement to pay the insurance company.

Despite this, the Federal Government counts that insurance payment as a contribution to the officer's superannuation, preventing them from making any savings for their retirement, falsely inflating their income and tax bills, and denying them means-based support entitlements like parental leave, childcare rebates, child support, and health rebates.

The impact on the financial security of police officers and their families, in particular women with children, is severe and means many will have inadequate superannuation to retire.

"Police aren't asking for a pay rise or a handout – just the same right as every other worker to support their family now and save their own money for retirement."

"The fix to this problem is four simple lines of legislation. Every ALP Member and Senator from NSW has been briefed on this issue for months, and they support the police in their local area, but Stephen Jones refuses to do anything to fix it."

"It's time for the Federal Government to step up and deliver on its promise."

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