PANSW secures large increases to payments in remote and special remote locations

In a major win for remote police the PANSW has successfully negotiated significant increases to the incentive payments for officers in remote locations, special remote locations, and more.

Your Association has successfully negotiated and secured what the members have been asking for including: 

a significant increase and modernization to incentives in remote and special remote locations (including offshore),

removing the onerous administrative processes to claim or access benefits,

reductions in tenure,

more remote/special remote locations and ,

a new one and two unit station allowance (for non-remote/Special remote locations)

For example, from 1 July 2023, an officer in a remote location will receive an $8000 incentive in the first year, and if the officer remains attached to that position for five years, the total incentive payment will reach $36,000.  That is a significant increase on the current $5,000 one off payment.

The 2021 PANSW Conference Delegates overwhelmingly advocated for improvements to attract and retain officers in remote and special remote locations. We have undertaken several surveys over the years and obtained member feedback to inform our negotiating position. 

From 1 July 2023, officers will see a consolidation of existing entitlements (computer, internet, spousal & one-off payments/extensions) in addition to further funding from the Government providing for lump sum payments which will include payments to officers currently located in these locations. This additional funding was secured from the removal of the Aware TPD police category insurance in December 2022.

There are no changes to Award entitlements including remote living allowances and the additional week of leave etc.

Officers will see the current $5,000 incentive being replaced with an allowance structure valued up to $36,000 (remote) and $31,000 (Special remote which was previously $15,000 over five years) for officers who are attached to a position in remote and special remote locations for five years. Officers will no longer have an administrative reimbursement process of claiming money from NSWPF each month and will now be paid a lump sum each year. 

The new incentive payments are as follows: 

Remote locations


Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total

Annual incentive (consolidating existing NSWPF arrangements)

 $3,000  $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $3,000 $15,000

Bonus incentive and retention payment 

 $5,000  $4,000  $4,000  $5,000  $3,000  $21,000 


 $8,000 $7,000 $7,000 $8,000 $6,000 $36,000


Special Remote locations


Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Total

Annual incentive (consolidating existing NSWPF arrangements)

 $3,000  $3,000  $3,000  $3,500  $3,000  $15,500 

Bonus incentive and retention payment 

 $3,000  $3,000  $3,000  $3,500  $3,000  $15,500 


 $6,000  $6,000  $6,000  $7,000  $6,000  $31,000

Plus 3% rent in a police residence 

And 25% electricity reimbursement if in single unit or LUK

And a Preferential transfer

Officers who have been in remote or special remote locations for more than 5 years will receive a one -off $4300 payment to reward them for their continued commitment to their remote communities. 

Remote offshore locations

Remote offshore locations (i.e. Lord Howe Island) will have a stand-alone incentive payment structure totaling $19,000 over five years. 

What about officers in non-remote/Special Remote 1 and 2 unit stations? 

From 1 July 2023, officers attached to one unit and two-unit police stations that are not classified as remote or special remote locations will receive an annual allowance of $1,397, increased in line with police salary increases. 

This allowance is in recognition of the unique operating environment of one- and two-unit police stations and will now be payable to all officers attached to these stations regardless of their relationship status. 

Members currently in receipt of the spousal allowance will continue to receive that allowance until they move location. 


These negotiations have also seen the reduction in tenure in certain locations along with the upgrading of locations to remote and special remote based strongly on member feedback and experience. 

The following changes have been made to tenure arrangements:

LocationCurrent TenureNew Tenure


4 years3 years

Lightning Ridge

4 years3 years


2.5 years2 years


2.5 years2 years


2.5 years2 years


2.5 years2 years


2.5 years2 years


3 years2 years

The changes to tenure will also apply to officers currently attached to the above locations. 


The following changes have been agreed to location classifications:

LocationCurrent classificationNEW Classification

Wee Waa

Special RemoteRemote


RemoteSpecial Remote


RemoteSpecial Remote


RemoteSpecial Remote


RemoteSpecial Remote


RemoteSpecial Remote






Further funding has been set aside to be used across the regional areas to support regional development opportunities in line with the Capability, Development and Rotation Policy.

Next steps for members

Officers currently in remote/special remote locations will transition onto the new incentives scheme from 1 July 2023.

Any member who is thinking about a move to a remote or special remote location should keep an eye out for advertised vacancies to take advantage of these new incentives.

Members who require more information can contact your local PANSW Branch Official, PANSW Team or PANSW head office at or 9265 6777.