The Police Association of NSW has welcomed a new adoption partnership between the Police Association of NSW and the greyhound industry, which will be an added element of improvement to the mental health and well-being of police officers.

As part of a partnership between the Police Association of NSW, Greyhounds Australasia, Greyhound Racing NSW and Greyhounds As Pets, Police Association of NSW members, both current and retired, will get access to a personalised adoption matching system - matching greyhounds in need of a new home with police families across the state. 

Police Association of NSW President, Kevin Morton, said the alliance is yet another way of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the state’s police officers. 

“Supporting the mental health of our frontline responders is a huge priority to ensure that they can continue their invaluable work protecting our communities,” Mr Morton said. 

“Work-life balance is important to police officers and we are committed to engaging with programs that help our members enhance their well-being.  The fact that greyhounds in need will also get a new home means it’s a win for everyone. 

“Anyone who owns a pet knows the benefits of their companionship. Being greeted by a friendly four-legged friend can go a long way in helping you unwind after a hard day on the job or post-night shift.

“Policing is an incredibly demanding job, both physically and mentally. We’re always looking at new ways to support our police and this is one unique way of doing that.”

Details of the alliance include: 

• PANSW members (current and retired) will get priority in the adoption program;
• PANSW members will get access to an individual personalised adoption matching service to pair a suitable dog with the member and their family;
• Pre-adoption vet services: (vaccinations, dental treatment, desexing);
• Post adoption costs covered for food and pet insurance for six months following the adoption; 
• Post adoption support and advice. 

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