The reopening of an investigation into a former Police Commissioner’s racehorse shares is a disappointing use of vital resources, the Police Association of NSW says. 

The Police Watchdog, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, has reopened investigations Operation Kurumba and Operation Kainite following a complaint from a media outlet.
The LECC previously found no examples of misconduct in either investigation. 

Police Association of NSW President, Kevin Morton, said that while oversight and investigation is obviously welcomed and necessary, the reopening of a case as the result of a request from a media outlet is a dangerous precedent to set. 

“The initial finding of the LECC showed that there were people in government and in the media who rushed to conclusions without properly weighing up the evidence, dragging the names of a number of police officers through the mud. The concern now is that the reopening of the case will simply do that all over again,” Mr Morton said. 

“Of course if new information comes to light, findings should be reviewed.  However, having a situation where media outlets become active players in investigations, complaining because they aren’t satisfied with the outcome of an independent inquiry, diverts from their crucial role in investigating, reporting and commentating on important issues.

"Having the reputation of officers with many decades of service attacked by constantly reviewing the same evidence undermines the confidence the NSW Police Force has worked hard to build up in the community. It is disappointing vital resources are being used to do this once again.” 

“Justice in NSW has long been premised on the notion of finality.  That notion applies equally to members of the public, police officers and retired police officers.”

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