NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole introduces legislation to combat organised crime and drug trafficking

Serious and organised crime costs the Australia community $43.7 billion a year, with $16.5 billion of that related to illicit drugs.

An important part of the fight against organised crime is targeting the wealth criminal criminals acquire without a legal explanation.

That is why the PANSW thanks the Deputy Premier Paul Toole for today introducing new laws to Parliament to help law enforcement seize criminal assets.

The Deputy Premier introduced the Confiscation of Proceeds of Crime Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, which if passed will create new powers to:

Seize assets of criminals convicted of serious offences.

Forfeiture of certain property by offenders who are a “declared drug trafficker”.

Strengthening unexplained wealth orders.

Giving law enforcement greater powers to obtain financial information and track assets to target criminal assets.

The PANSW welcomes this legislation that will help police officers combat organised crime.