At the directive of the PANSW Executive, PANSW President Kevin Morton has engaged CancerAid to provide their programs and services for the benefit of members and their immediate families.

Many of our members have been impacted directly by cancer or will be at some stage in their lives. Nobody should go through a cancer diagnosis alone. Your Association has partnered with CancerAid to deliver 1:1 support programs for our members living with a cancer diagnosis and their immediate families. 

Created by a team of oncologists, CancerAid's programs equip participants via digital tools, personal coaching and evidence-based educational resources, assisting you to understand your situation better and adopt positive behavioural changes. You and your carer will have confidential access to two CancerAid programs comprising resources and education focusing on cancer self-management, caregiving, recovery and return-to-work planning.

The Cancer Coach Program empowers the person who receives the diagnosis through a range of resources to take control of their health care. The Cancer Caregivers Program equips individuals with the information and skills to best look after a loved one living with cancer.

"At CancerAid, we are transforming the way we provide cancer care following a diagnosis and during treatment. Cancer can be very isolating, so to keep a sense of normalcy, the programs aim to ensure participants feel supported, maintain connections and adopt positive behaviour changes, so they feel like they're in the driver's seat," says CancerAid CEO Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh. 

Dr. Murali-Ganesh says that with the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors had to rethink their consultations and treat patients remotely, which is where digital health stepped in.

"I think if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we can reliably use technology and more than that, we can optimise it so that people impacted by cancer are not left feeling isolated from friends, family, colleagues and their support network."

Understanding the impact this can have on a patient and their community, CancerAid's Coach Program strives to improve cancer care outcomes. Remarkably, its participants are 73% more likely to return to work than those without access to the same support.

"The concept of the CancerAid programs were refreshing and the positive results were already having a ripple effect through Your Association where the program has already been trialed," PANSW President Kevin Morton said.

"Statistically, we are all likely to be touched by cancer during our working life, whether it's ourselves, our family or our colleagues. It's important for many of us to keep going, to keep working, to keep connected and to feel in control,"

"The health and welfare of our members is our top priority, which is why we are proud to be there when our people need us most. Services like CancerAid allow us to be that pillar of support during the most difficult times in our members' lives." 

The CancerAid Programs are now available to all members and their immediate families. To enrol or find out more information visit the Member Benefits page or contact PANSW Member Support Coordinator Ian Johnstone via email.