Your Association has advocated for an ODS for several years. The scheme supports eligible police officers wishing to pursue an alternate career or life path by transitioning from the NSWPF in a dignified and supportive manner that recognises their contribution to policing in NSW.

Round concludes

All successful and unsuccessful officers have been notified, with the last day of service being before the end of the financial year. Approximately 220 officers have accepted the ODS offer and will exit NSWPF by 30 June 2022.

Your Association has received very positive feedback from members who have received the ODS payment, with many saying the money will allow lives to change, helping them to exit into new careers.

In accordance with the ODS Charter and the ATO Class Ruling 2021/89, eligible EOIs were progressed on a ‘first in, first served’ basis. There was a limit on the number of officers approved in each financial year based on the dollar value.

Unsuccessful Officers or those curious about ODS

What is happening now with my EOI if I had previously submitted one?

  • All BluePortal cases will be closed for Round 1.
  • Commanders will not be notified of officers who submitted an EOI and were unsuccessful.
  • All officers interested in future rounds will need to commence from the beginning of the process, requiring all officers to open a new BluePortal Enquiry case.

Preparing for the next round

  • The next round will open in January 2023, with the Enquiry Stage (ODS Financial Estimator) becoming available in the months prior
  • Officers interested in submitting an EOI for round 2 must maintain their eligibility as stated in the Charter and are encouraged to thoroughly review the information on the ODS intranet page.
  • Officers must maintain their eligibility to re-apply for each round.
  • ODS information, including eligibility criteria, is located on the ODS Intranet Page.
  • Forms used in Round 1 will not be accepted for Round 2 or subsequent rounds. However, newly completed forms will be required when completing the EOI in BluePortal.
  • No priority is given in Round 2 for officers who completed an EOI in Round 1.

ODS Myths - Busted

  • The ODS Team was required to work within the funding available, with the number of offers made based on this funding.
  • All offers were made on a ‘first in, first served’ basis as per the ATO Ruling.
  • Rank and years of service were not considered in determining the order of offers made.
  • Commanders did not have any input regarding ODS offers.
  • The assertion that thousands of EOIs were submitted is not correct. However, the number of EOIs did exceed the number of available offers.

What can I do now?

  • Stay informed: related communications are released on the ODS Intranet page and Nemesis emails.
  • Factsheet #2 (located on the ODS Intranet page) lists support services that may assist some officers in their decision-making related to future rounds.
  • Understand the eligibility criteria, Operational Capability and Service History clearance requirements as officers must meet and maintain these requirements.

New opportunities

As a result of vacancies created via ODS acceptances, some officers may wish to consider attractive career opportunities available. It has also opened up many promotional opportunities at the Sergeant and Inspector ranks. This has created the churn desired from the ODS, creating opportunities for those who intend to remain with NSWPF.

Career opportunities can be found on the People & Capability Command intranet page. Additionally, officers may be able to develop different skills via lateral transfers, mobility and promotions. We recommend all officers take the time to review and consider new opportunities.

Find out more

All information will be updated on the ODS intranet page. Officers are encouraged to visit it regularly to obtain the latest updates relating to Round 2.

We’re here to help

If you have further questions about the Optional Disengagement Scheme, please contact the IOC on 9265 6777 or via email for individual advice.