The iconic light blue uniform worn by NSWPF is set to undergo a change to a darker shade. 

NSW Police Minister Paul Toole confirmed the major announcement at the PANSW Biennial Conference on Tuesday 24 May.

A number of prototypes have been manufactured and trialled, with a new dark navy shirt with mesh sides lining the garment from the hip to the underarm expected to be the preferred option. 

“A key feature of the new uniform will be the uniformity of colour that is flattering for most body types.” 

The new uniform is also expected to be able to “better handle the demands of the job, no matter what part of the state the officers are in and what temperatures they confront.”

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb noted a PANSW survey with more than 6000 responses that indicated that the uniform was a major issue with the membership.

“We’ve got to make sure that it’s something functional and comfortable as well as safe to wear with their appointments.”

It is expected that the new uniform will only be worn for operational duties to reduce the visibility of dirt and stains. The light blue shirt will still be retained for ceremonial purposes and for officers working in a desk-based role.

Minister Toole said that the importance of the uniform could not be understated. 

“There is no doubt that when a community member sees the men and women in blue, it sends a very powerful message. It reminds them of the work that you do…and how they feel safe by seeing those uniforms.” Minister Toole said. 

The PANSW’s Executive has been proactively engaged on this issue. The Uniform Standards Committee will meet for the first time in June and with further announcements to come in the months ahead.