On May 24, PANSW Conference was addressed by the key decision makers for Policing in NSW:

  • PANSW President – Kevin Morton
  • Deputy Premier and Minister for Police – The Hon. Paul Toole
  • Leader of the Opposition – Chris Minns
  • Commissioner of Police – Karen Webb

These stakeholders outlined the political landscape and agenda for policy reform in the build up to the next NSW State Election.

Read the Full Transcript of President Morton’s Speech.

PANSW President Kevin Morton told the Deputy Premier, Leader of the Opposition, and Commissioner, that a resilient NSW Police Force is an immeasurable asset for the community, especially with the unprecedented challenges we have steered the community through in recent years.

Every police officer begins their career with a full tank of optimism, enthusiasm, and sense of duty. But after years of challenges, trauma and hard work, that tank draws down. 

President Morton put forward in no uncertain terms how to support officers to keep their tank full. This includes:

  • Better pay, and a career structure with choices and opportunities,
  • Recruiting people from all walks and stages of life, to be taught be experienced police, and recruits are paid a suitable income as they learn,
  • A review of how FRPAs are calculated to reflect the new nature of police work, and the increase in complex and time-consuming duties,
  • Improved rehabilitation and return to work outcomes, and fully fund the Police Blue Ribbon Police Insurance Scheme, and
  • Housing affordability for police, to enable them to live and be part of the community they work in.