It is through Conference that you, the members, set the policy and direction for the PANSW for the next 2 years.

Members elect Delegates as their representatives to Conference, who then consider, debate and vote on Motions to Conference that come from your Branches.

The PANSW Executive, Officials, Activists and Staff then implement those Motions and report back to Delegates on their progress.

During this week, your elected Delegates will be hard at work, in workshops, focus groups and voting sessions, deciding the PANSW strategic direction on issues of high importance, including:


  • Pay and industrial entitlements,
  • Optional Disengagement,
  • Financial security in retirement or career transition,
  • Police numbers, allocations, and capability planning,
  • Protections for injured officers,
  • Flexible work arrangements,
  • Injury management and Return to Work
  • Branch strength and activism,
  • Disaster Response, and
  • Promotions system.

Stay tuned for updates as the Conference progresses.