The Police Association of NSW has welcomed today’s Law Enforcement Conduct Commission findings relating to investigations Operation Kurumba and Operation Kainite. 

The LECC found no examples of misconduct in either investigation. 

PANSW President Tony King said that while the Association welcomes the LECC findings, the whole situation is incredibly disappointing as good police have been dragged through the mud without reason.  

“As police we know the importance of carefully weighing up all the facts before making a judgment call. Unfortunately it seems that in this case, there were people in government and in the media who rushed to conclusions without properly weighing up the evidence,” Mr King said. 

“Jumping in without properly looking at the facts has meant the names of a number of very good police officers have been dragged through the mud, which is shameful. 

"To attack the reputation of officers with many decades of service, without properly looking at the evidence, undermines the confidence the NSW Police force has worked hard to build up in the community.

“It’s good to see that this situation has been given the proper investigation it deserved and cleared police of any misconduct.”

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