As I said in my last message to you, the professional work you are doing in the ongoing response to Covid-19 right across the state is absolutely vital.   

Today I acknowledge the Commissioner's update via Nemesis that progress on the long-awaited Optional Disengagement scheme has not been put aside during the current Covid crisis, and that progress will continue to be made for it to be introduced in 2022. 

In a time when you are focused 100% on protecting the communities of New South Wales we welcome the Commissioner's assurances on this scheme as a new option for you and your family.

We will keep you updated when we are brought into the discussions on the OD framework and when those discussions are progressed. 

This commitment sits firmly alongside the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreed by the Commissioner with your Association in June which protects the Death and Disability scheme arrangements and associated insurance, as well as the income protection we won in 2020 for officers between 60 and 65.

As the battle with Covid continues, the staff of the PANSW are constantly monitoring new developments and liaise closely with the NSWPF on any issues that impact on you, the Police officers of NSW. 

Some good news we received this week from our participation in the Public Sector Union Consultative Forum, is that if a worker's Special Covid leave is exhausted the PANSW has secured a commitment that should the Special Leave conditions be met, further Special Covid leave will be granted. This is a significant win. 

Be safe and know that your Association is always here for you.