The Police Association has been informed today that a 'green light' has been given by the Government for the implementation of a stand-alone optional disengagement scheme to be administered by your employer, the NSW Police Force. 

This breakthrough, which the PANSW has lobbied for on your behalf over many years, is an important win and welcome news. 

Details of the scheme will be finalised in coming months with ongoing consultation between the Government, NSW Police Force and the PANSW, prior to an expected commencement of the scheme from 1 January 2022. 

Please note this scheme is completely funded by the NSW State Government. The Government has stated that the scheme will provide payments of up to $269,000 depending on rank and years of service. You can read the NSW Government statement below.     

We will keep you updated about this significant development throughout 2021, including providing answers to frequently asked questions.


Media Release – NSW Treasurer and Minister for Police and Emergency Services 28 May 2021

Groundbreaking Optional Disengagement Scheme to reward Police Officers for distinguished service 

Police officers will be provided with more certainty and financial security when leaving the NSW Police Force after the NSW Government announced a ground-breaking industrial reform for officers who wish to leave the force after a period of ten or more years of diligent service.
Minister for Police and Emergency Services, David Elliott, said the Government’s decision to support an optional disengagement scheme for Police officers in New South Wales would provide officers with greater surety and more options when considering their careers.

“This optional disengagement scheme acknowledges that policing is a career like no other. Officers with ten or more years of dedicated service deserve to be able to transition out of the police force in a manner of their choosing,” Mr Elliott said.

“A modern and dynamic police force needs modern and dynamic conditions. This optional disengagement scheme is one I am very proud of and it will afford officers the dignity they deserve when they choose to leave the Force.”

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the program would be piloted for three years, with the aim to provide greater certainty and financial security for police officers.

“Supporting the men and women in blue through a transition into new careers is very important, they serve a unique role in protecting our communities,” Mr Perrottet said.

“Officers will bring unique skills and leadership to new industries and workplaces after they finish their police career and this program will help them in making a successful transition into other employment.”

The scheme is tailored specifically to NSW Police Force which is the sole government agency with its own co-funded insurance scheme and no legislative provision to allow for voluntary redundancy.

Commissioner of Police, Michael Fuller, acknowledged the government for the support of this pioneering industrial reform.

“I welcome this historic decision which recognises the inherent challenges faced by police. Undoubtedly, police face cumulative stressors in the field each day and each officer must have the ability to make the decision to best serve their personal needs,” Commissioner Fuller said.

“Not every officer wants a thirty or forty-year career in policing, and those officers shouldn’t be disadvantaged.

“To be an effective police force, we need to ensure our officers are committed to serving the community and each officer will have their own ideas of when the time is right to leave. There is no shame in that.

“Optional disengagement allows officers with ten or more years of diligent service to decide to transition from the force to other careers or retirement with dignity and without any financial penalty.”

President of the Police Association of NSW, Tony King, said frontline police officers across the state face trauma and challenges unlike any other career.

“This scheme gives officers peace of mind that they can choose to leave their policing career when they decide and on their own terms.

“This policy acknowledges and rewards police for their distinguished service.”

Details of the scheme will be finalised in coming months with ongoing consultation between the Government, Police Association of NSW and the NSW Police Force.
It’s expected the scheme will provide payments of up to $269,000 to officers leaving the force depending on rank and years of service.