Current and former police across NSW are today mourning the death of retired Police Commissioner and Police Association of NSW (PANSW) former President Life Member Anthony (Tony) Lauer APM.  

Commissioner Lauer joined the NSW Police Force in 1955 aged 19. In 1968 he was elected to the Executive of the Police Association. After holding a number of Executive positions including, Senior Vice-President, in 1979 he was elected the 11th PANSW President unopposed, a position he held until 1982.
Always intending to be a short-term President, he did not seek re-election in 1982 but continued as a trustee until May 1983 when he was promoted to Commissioned rank. In 1990 he was awarded the Australian Police Medal and in March 1991 became Commissioner of the NSW Police Force until his retirement in February 1996.
Between 1997-2015, Commissioner Lauer was a director of the Police Credit Union (now Police Bank) and was Chair from 2004-2007. From 2004-2006, he was also Grand Master of NSW and the ACT Freemasons. He was also a keen motorcyclist.

Commissioner Lauer was renowned as caring for cops, and his visits to stations large and small across the State, often accompanied by his wife Joy, were legendary.  He was concerned for the welfare of members and their families.

Commissioner Lauer and Joy devoted their time to raising and caring for their extended family, and this is where they found real happiness. In retirement Commissioner Lauer continued to be active, providing mentoring to leaders in policing, Police Bank, community groups and charities.
Commissioner Lauer’s beloved wife Joy passed away earlier this year and the celebration of her life gave many younger police an insight into their love, their unwavering commitment to their family and their lifetime of service and sacrifice.

PANSW President Kevin Morton said, “Today, we have lost an icon.  A man who rose to the highest rank in the NSW Police Force, but never, for one day, forgot about the challenges police face and the toll it can take on them and their family”.  

Mr. Morton said that, even in more recent ill-health, Commissioner Lauer rarely missed an opportunity to meet with current Association officials and staff and offer them any assistance he could.
“On one occasion, a younger cop who was new to a union role asked him where he was stationed when he retired.  Tony gave a wry smile and just said ‘I was working up in the office of the Commissioner.’ Never one to make an unnecessary fuss.” 

Photo Credit (pictured with former NSWPF Commissioner Ken Moroney APM): NSW Police Legacy